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Professional Approach

SLI LED Lighting is committed to moving the industry out of low performance conventional lighting and into high performance commercial LED technology.

Quality Products

SLI LED Lighting manufactures high quality and high lumen per watt commercial LED street lighting fixtures.

Low Maintenance

SLI LED Lighting fixtures provide years of trouble-free life with no maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

SLI LED Lighting provides sustainable design with low impact to your natural surroundings.

SLI LED Lighting

SLI LED Lighting introduces a new line of outdoor led lighting fixtures for LED street lighting, LED parking lot lighting, LED security lighting, LED billboard lighting, LED sign lighting, and LED office tube lighting for fluorescent fixture replacements.

SLI’s LED Street Lighting Systems are not only stylish but highly efficient as well. SLI LED Lighting invites you to looks over our options while our website is continually updated with new and existing product developments.


 SLI LED Street Light, Charlotte, NC

SLI LED Lighting Charlotte, NC





SLI LED Lighting

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